This site is the home site of csUnit, the unit testing framework for the Microsoft .NET framework. All material from this site can be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), except where stated otherwise.


csUnit is currently developed by Jacob "Jake" W. Anderson, Piers Lawson, Markus Renschler and Manfred Lange.


First, we would like to thank our sponsors:

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Thanks also go to Andreas Weiss who provided us with the design of this site and the new csUnit logo.

Furthermore, csUnit and this site would not have been possible without the feedback of others. Therefore we want to thank (in alphabetical order of their last names):

Kent Beck of Three Rivers Institute
James Birmingham of Terra Lycos Inc.
Christopher Jaynes of Thatcher Technology, Illinois, USA
Mike Lippiat-Long of TTG Systems
Pete Magsig of Pete Place
Louis R. Marascio of Metreos Communications
John Pierce of Prologue Research International, Inc.
Alan Shalloway of Net Objectives
John J. Szucs of CC Intelligent Solutions
Masahiro Tamegai of Canon, Japan
Adrian Ubalde of Class Technology Pty Limited
Gary Webb of Altiris

for their support and help in improving csUnit and this web site.

Some History

On February 23, 2002, the project was started by creating the archive in our revision control system. The first version of csUnit was implemented by the end of February 2002. We wanted to learn more about the .NET framework technologies such as application domains, or .NET remoting. So to some extent, csUnit also serves as a technology platform for us. Furthermore at that time there was no satisfying unit testing tool available for the .NET framework.

In November 2002 - Markus Renschler joined me in my efforts on csUnit -, we took over the administrative control of the csUnit project on SourceForge. While we acknowledge that in some cases it makes sense joining forces for creating open source software, we are also convinced that it is always good to have a choice.

In February 2003 we found our first sponsor. Xtreme Simplicity the manufacturers of "C# Refactory" support our project. At the same time we also started to use C# Refactory for our own development.

Jake Anderson joined our team in March 2003.

In April 2003 csUnit is the first unit testing tool to introduce the concept of FixtureSetUp and FixtureTearDown.

May 2003 saw the release of csUnit 1.8 which introduced the concept of a recipe which allows loading multiple assemblies at the same time. csUnit was the first to have this feature for unit testing on the .NET framework.

In August 2003 Piers Lawson joined our team. We also introduced a new logo and a new web site design both generously provided by Andreas Weiss.

Version 1.9 also appeared in August 2003 for the first time. It featured wizards for Visual Studio allowing the user to create test projects with just a few clicks.

In 2007 we added support for parameterized testing to csUnit. Also, we finally had a released version for Visual Studio 2005. Also the support for categories was significantly improved as well.







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