Step 1: Prerequisites And Installing csUnit

This tutorial will demonstrate how you get started with csUnit. We will write a simple test, implement a simple test class, and run the test. The test will fail initially and we will fix the implementation to make the test pass.

For now all code samples are in C#, but the approach is equally applicable for Visual Basic .NET.


  • A basic understanding of test-driven development
  • A basic understanding of unit testing
  • A C# or a VB.NET project containing a class you want to test.
  • Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005
  • Sufficient permissions for installing a new software on your system

Installing csUnit

First, you need to install csUnit. Get the MSI package from the downloads section. Make sure you select the proper version for your version of Visual Studio.

After the successful download, close all instances of Visual Studio, regardless of version. Then double-click on the installer file and follow the instructions.

Goto Step 2 "Loading Your Project and Adding The Reference to csUnit"







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