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Documentation for csUnit 2.6

For information about older versions of csUnit please look here.

If you are already familiar with csUnit, you may want to look at just the change log for this version.


csUnit consists of several components:

  • csUnit: the framework containing the definitions of classes, attributes, assertions, etc. you use to write your tests
  • csUnitCore: the kernel of csUnit containing mainly the engine for selecting and running tests
  • csUnitCtrl: a graphical frontend for csUnitCore
  • csUnitRunner: a standalone forms based .NET application
  • csUnitCmd: a command line frontend for csUnitCore
  • csUnit4VS2005: an addin for Visual Studio

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csUnit uses the concept of a recipe. A recipe contains one or more assemblies with unit tests. When tests are executed each such assembly is executing in its own application domain (AppDomain). This way your test assemblies are isolated from each other and generally speaking you should not see any side affects. This technique allows csUnit also to reload each assembly as you are working on it. There is no need to restart csUnit for a new test drive.


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