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csUnit uses the concept of selectors to determine the tests to run within a recipe. Remember that a recipe consists of one or more test assemblies. Each of them containing zero or more tests.

A selector is basically a piece of logic that determines whether or not a test is included in a test run. An example could be a category selector. It includes/excludes tests based on the selected categories and the categories assigned to the test.

Currently csUnit supports CategorySelector and CheckedTestsSelector as the only selector types. We have however ideas/plans for additional selectors.

The rule is that a test fixture or test is run, if and only if all selectors vote to include the fixture of the test in the test run. This decision is made in real time. This means for example that during a test run, you can check or uncheck a test or a test fixture, and so long as it has been looked at yet, it will then either be included or excluded from the test run.

Depending on your choices for the different selectors, categories and check status, the number of included test will be displayed in the progress bar. Some selections and/or check statuses will lead to no test being included in a tests run. So, to back out of any of the selections, both the test hierarchy tab and the category tab provide a "Reset" button to set the according selector to a state where all tests and test fixtures are included in the next test run.


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